Facebook Live Streaming Campaign


Go to Social Posting > Facebook livestreaming and you'll see your created streaming campaigns with xerochat. You can visit, edit, delete and clone campaign with actions button of the campaign.



Create Livestreaming Campaign


Click on the Create new campaign button to get the create campaign form.

Create your live Streaming campaign with the required informations.

  • Upload your video.
  • You can choose when to stream, now or later
  • You can also create event before going live. When you schedule a live event, an announcement post will be published to News Feed letting your fans on Facebook know that the broadcast is coming. People who see the post can opt in to receive a one-time reminder notification that will alert them shortly before your broadcast begins. Your fans can then join a pre-broadcast lobby directly before the live video starts, where they can connect and interact with other viewers.
  • You can choose where to post among your timeline,pages annd groups.
  • You can enable auto share and choose among your timeline or pages to share the post . It will be automatically shared (only works for page post).
  • You can crosspost to your pages. Crossposting refers to streaming live broadcast to multiple Facebook pages without uploading to each pages or sharing the original live video read more.
  • You can enable auto comment , means after this post publish, there will be a comment there already on behalf of you.